Rats & Mice

The two most common warm blooded pests to invade homes are rats and mice. Both of these rodents have adapted to living near humans; they eat the same foods and seek shelter and warmth when it’s cold.

Koby Pest Control is a state-certified pest control company with more than 17 years’ experience ridding Greater Sacramento homes and properties of mice and rats.


Mice and rats can be very good climbers and can enter a structure through openings as small as a quarter. Although not always practical, locating these openings and sealing them can eliminate potential rodent infestations. It is best to do this before the temperature drops and rodents are looking for a way into your home. You want to seal them out, not inside your home.


Rodent baits can be very effective in eliminating infestations, but they should be used cautiously. Rodent baits cause mice and rats to become dehydrated and eventually die. The theory is that the rodent will go outside to seek water. Often times the rodent may not make it outside and will die in the structure, causing a stench. We recommend trapping rodents first and sealing off their entry points after.


Koby Pest Control will inspect your house for infestations and potential openings into the structure. We will design a trapping and exclusion program to eliminate a current infestation.